Are you looking for a mechanic you can trust? See our list of RACQ approved and experienced repairers statewide. Complying with RACQ's high standard of service, our expert team of automotive technicians can perform general and specialist repairs, including auto-electrical, air-conditioning, radiator repairs and automatic transmissions. No matter where you are in Queensland, find an RACQ approved repairer you can trust.

RACQ have got you covered

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    RACQ approved repairers.
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    10,000km or 6 month warranty (whichever comes first) for RACQ members for repair services by an RACQ Approved Repairer
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    We have a network of approved repairers ready to help.
  • If repairs carried out by an RACQ Approved Repairer are found to be defective in material or workmanship during the warranty period (being the earlier of 10,000km or 6 months after the original repair by the RACQ Approved Repairer) then the further repair work (if required) will be performed free of charge at any RACQ Approved Repairer that provides a comparable repair service.

    This warranty is only available to RACQ members and only covers repairs carried out by an RACQ Approved Repairer. See below the exclusions from this RACQ Member Warranty.

    Please keep your receipt or other proof of purchase in a safe and secure place as it is required to make any warranty claim.

    For the purposes of this warranty an ‘RACQ Approved Repairer’ is a repairer listed by RACQ on this website as an RACQ Approved Repairer.

    The RACQ Member Warranty does not cover:

    • existing or known problems or faults, present before or noted during the original repair by the RACQ Approved Repairer
    • a problem or fault that occurs after the original repair by the RACQ Approved Repairer
    • if you have ignored any advice or recommendations provided by the original RACQ Approved Repairer
    • repairs that have been modified or tampered with in anyway
    • subsequent repairs that have been carried out, after the original repairs by the RACQ Approved Repairer
    • damage (including any deliberate damage) arising from fire, excessive heat, flood or waters ingress, wreckage, explosions, freezing, abuse, misuse, neglect or negligence
    • environmentally induced deterioration, rust or corrosion
    • damage by vermin, rodents, pets or other animals
    • fair wear and tear
    • repair services carried out by a repairer that was not an RACQ Approved Repairer at the time the repair services were carried out.
  • To make a warranty claim, contact the original RACQ Approved Repairer to arrange an assessment of your warranty claim. If you are unable to get in contact with the original RACQ Approved Repairer, call RACQ on 13 1111 who can provide you with the details of your nearest RACQ Approved Repairer, or you can find one via the search function above. All of our RACQ Approved Repairers (that deliver comparable services) will be able to assist you with your warranty assessment.

    If you do not hold a current RACQ Roadside product at the time your warranty claim is made, a service fee may be charged if roadside assistance is provided by RACQ.

    A warranty claim will not be allowed unless proof of purchase from the original RACQ Approved Repairer (e.g. invoice or documentation showing the repairs carried out) is provided. It is your responsibility to provide proof of purchase for any warranty claim.

    This warranty is not transferable or assignable as a result of a third-party transaction.

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