Used Car Safety Ratings 2021

The latest Used Car Safety Rating help motorists make safer used car choices.

RACQ, together with the Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC) have released an updated list of Used Car Safety Ratings for 290 used vehicle models manufactured from 2000 onwards.

This list provides used car buyers with a guide to the safest vehicle choices within each market segment through publication of a Driver Protection star rating based on Monash University’s statistical analysis of police-reported crashes for more than 8.8 million vehicles.

Three out of every four vehicles purchased in Australia each year are used vehicles, and these ratings provide used car buyers with additional information to help them compare the safety performance of older vehicles and encourage them to choose one which provides a superior level of safety.

In addition to a five-star rating, motorists are also encouraged to consider models with a ‘Safer Pick’ marker. These indicate additional protection for other road users (other drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycle riders) and features that help drivers avoid crashes such as electronic stability control and reversing cameras or sensors.

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