How to get your learner licence in Queensland

In Queensland, you can get your learner licence at 16 years old. Read on to learn how to get your learner licence step by step.

Preparing for your licence

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    Take the road rules test

    To get your learner licence you need to pass a road rules test – either through an online course called PrepL or by taking a written test in-person. All the information you need to pass your test is in the Your keys to driving in Queensland book, which is produced by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

    Once you’ve studied this book and are comfortable with your knowledge, it’s time to create a Department of Transport and Main Roads account. From there, you can either enrol in PrepL or take the written test at your local transport and motoring customer service centre.

    Whether you do your test through PrepL or in-person, you’ll need to:

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    Get your L Plates

    Once you’ve got your licence, if you’re an RACQ member you can pick up a free set of L plates in any RACQ store. Alternatively, you can always buy L plates from a service station, supermarket or automotive store, or print your own plates using the Department of Transport and Main Roads L plate template.

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    Set up your logbook

    Now you’ve got your Ls it’s time to complete and record 100 hours of supervised driving experience. Downloading the Queensland Learner Logbook App is a quick and easy way to get ready to record your hours.

    If you don’t want to use the app, you can request a hard copy of the Queensland Learner Logbook from your local transport and motoring customer service centre or use an approved interstate learner logbook.

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    Start driving!

    When you’re learning how to drive, you need to:

    • Clearly display your L plates at the front and the rear of the vehicle you’re driving
    • Be supervised by someone who has an open licence for the class of vehicle you’re driving they have held for at least a year
    • Always carry your learner licence with you 

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