Discover extras to make life easier while enjoying coverage by Queensland’s largest fleet

As one of Australia’s Auto Clubs, RACQ provides the Roadside Assistance for many vehicle manufacturers in Queensland. This means, that if you’ve recently purchased a new vehicle through an eligible manufacturer, you will have access to 24/7 roadside assistance across Australia. Depending on your manufacturer, you may be able to extend your roadside assistance for an additional year by servicing your vehicle at a participating dealership. To confirm your eligibility refer to you vehicle manufacturer.

If you’re looking for extra cover, access to RACQ Member Benefits or to maintain your loyalty level, you can upgrade your roadside assistance to include extra entitlements such as emergency accommodation, rental vehicle options, longer towing distances and much more via RACQ's Associate Motoring Program. 

Compare your options side by side to find the right roadside assistance for your lifestyle.

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Our partner programs

We have partner programs with Ford, Mitsubishi and Subaru manufacturers in Queensland. For a full list of eligible manufacturers and to check your eligibility and inclusions, please contact us on 13 1905.

Ford National Roadside Assistance

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    24/7 roadside assistance provided by Ford

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    Eligible for 12-month renewal of Ford National Roadside Assistance and RACQ Lifestyle when scheduled services are completed at Ford dealers. Offer valid until vehicle reaches seven years of age

Mitsubishi Diamond Advantage

Subaru Roadside Assistance Program

Compare RACQ roadside assistance options

Your manufacturer’s program covers your basic roadside assistance entitlements. The Associate Motoring Program allows you to upgrade at any time to a higher level of cover.
RACQ Everyday PlusRACQ Everyday Plus RACQ Ultra CareRACQ Ultra Care RACQ Ultimate CareRACQ Ultimate Care
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Member cover

Cover no matter what vehicle you're driving#

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Device cover Tick icon Tick icon Tick icon
Caravan & trailer assistance Tick icon Tick icon Tick icon
Bogged vehicles Tick icon Tick icon Tick icon

Key assist

If the vehicle can't be unlocked by RACQ or keys are broken or lost

$100 per year $165 per year $300 per year

Specialist towing

Assistance when specialist equipment or truck is required

$110 per year $165 per year $250 per year
Taxi or alternative transport for devices

$25 per breakdown

$100 per year

$25 per breakdown

$100 per year

$25 per breakdown

$100 per year

Taxi or Alternative Transport

If the vehicle is towed, RACQ will contribute towards taxis, rideshares and rental vehicles

$55 per year $275 per year $480 per year


Per incident

$550 $770 $2,400

Rental vehicle^

Per incident

5 days 7 days 12 days

Passenger transport^

Economy class air, rail, or coach transport

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Vehicle recovery^

RACQ will arrange and pay for a car carrier to transport the vehicle to your chosen location.

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Caravan or trailer recovery
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How to upgrade your RACQ Roadside Assistance

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    Compare your options

    See your available options on our comparison table.

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    Call to discuss your plan and make changes 

    When you’re ready to upgrade or want to talk to someone about your options, call our team on 13 1905. Upgrades are generally prorated unless the change is made just before renewal.

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    Check your waiting period

    Keep in mind, if you’ve upgraded to RACQ Everyday Plus, RACQ Ultra Care, or RACQ Ultimate Care, a 72-hour waiting period applies for all additional entitlements.


Things to note

*For a full list of eligible manufacturers, please contact us on 13 1905.

^When you are more than 100km away from home and RACQ estimates your repairs will take longer than 48 hours for RACQ Everyday Plus and 24 hours for RACQ Ultra Care, RACQ Ultimate Care, and RACQ RV, you may choose one of the Travel Entitlements.

#Cover available for eligible vehicles, refer to terms and conditions.

Terms, conditions and exclusions apply, for full details read the Roadside Terms and Conditions.