What is ADAS recalibration?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) use cameras, radars, and sensors to help you avoid collisions by activating car safety features like lane diversion warning, lane keep assist, traffic sign recognition, and auto emergency braking.

If your car's windscreen has been replaced or repaired, your ADAS system will need to be recalibrated so these safety features work properly. At RACQ, our skilled auto glass technicians have the training and expertise needed to ensure your ADAS system is optimally calibrated. Keep safe, book your RACQ ADAS Recalibration today.

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Why choose RACQ for your ADAS recalibration?

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    Know your ADAS recalibration is protected by warranty*

    Your recalibration is warranted for one year or until the next recalibration event. 

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    Get dependable ADAS recalibration advice

    Not sure what your vehicle needs? Call us for answers to your ADAS questions. 

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    We have a reputation for helping Queensland drivers

    We’ve been making the Sunshine State’s roads safer since 1905. 

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    Tap into RACQ member discounts^

    Members enjoy $25 off windscreen repair and replacement services.^

Find your local RACQ Auto Glass workshop

We have multiple RACQ Auto Glass workshops throughout Southeast Queensland that offer ADAS recalibration services. Use the map below to find your nearest workshop or call us today for more information.

ADAS recalibration FAQs

Things to note

*Refer to our terms and conditions for information about what you can claim under warranty.

^The $25 off RACQ member discount for windscreen replacements only applies where the replacement windscreen is an aftermarket front windscreen. The discount does not apply where the replacement windscreen is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) windscreen. Nor does the discount apply to auto glass which is not a front windscreen.

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