Become a Selected Repairer

RACQ is a leading motor insurer in Queensland with a state-wide network of skilled repairers selected to partner with RACQ Insurance. Our Selected Repairers provide quality repairs, with prompt, professional and friendly service to our members and customers.

We are a signatory to the Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industry Code of Conduct which details fair-trading standards, processes and transparency in the relationship between insurers and repairers.

RACQ Insurance has agreements with QLD metropolitan, regional and rural repairers forming the RACQ Insurance Selected Repairer network.

Expressions of interest

Complete our Selected Repairer application form to register your interest to be considered as a future RACQ Selected Repairer. Your expression of interest will be considered either at the next review cycle (but earlier if deemed necessary), or at any time as determined by RACQ Insurance.

Your expression of interest will be referred to when RACQ Insurance needs to engage a repairer, in conjunction with the assessment criteria in considering a repairer.

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Considering a repairer

Your business needs to meet the initial criteria set by RACQ Insurance where you may be contacted by an RACQ Insurance representative to complete a full assessment. Some attributes of the assessment criteria are:

  • Meet industry best practices
  • Quality repairs, service and cost
  • Quality systems
  • Geographical coverage
  • Repair guarantee
  • 30 business days’ payment terms
  • Repair dispute resolution.

Registering to become a Selected Repairer does not guarantee you a place in our network, as the need must arise where a repairer is required and your business must meet RACQ Insurance’s assessment criteria.

All RACQ Insurance Selected Repairer Agreements (SRAs) are offered terms and conditions for a minimum three-year period.