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By purchasing the Lifestyle product, you are bound by the terms and conditions below (Terms and Conditions). These are subject to change without notice and so we recommend that you read these terms in full prior to applying for, and prior to any renewal of, a lifestyle product. For new products from 8 November 2023, the terms and conditions in effect at the commencement of your product will apply to that product until its next renewal. For product renewals from 8 November 2023, the terms and conditions in effect at the date of your renewal notice will apply to that renewal period. For existing products at 8 November 2023, these terms and conditions apply. We will use reasonable endeavours to notify you of any changes to the Terms and Conditions by placing a notice on our website.


Lifestyle is available only to members who are natural persons who do not hold another membership eligible product. Only one membership may be granted per natural person who is an Australian resident. RACQ may request a copy of your drivers licence or other supporting evidence to verify eligibility. Lifestyle is for personal use only. It cannot be used for commercial purposes or to generate a profit. Each Applicant must provide correct personal details, including but not limited to, name, date of birth, address, phone number and email address.

What you get

Purchasers of Lifestyle that meet the relevant eligibility criteria become members of RACQ. Members are entitled to the following benefits:

Savings you can count on: Keep your RACQ membership card close by, it’s your key to valuable savings. From discounts on RACQ products and services, to entertainment, automotive, shopping and home, you can save with a range of partners throughout Queensland.
Advice you can trust: Whether you need advice on buying a new car, information on fuel prices and road conditions or free maps.

Lifestyle does not provide access to RACQ Assistance, RACQ Insurance or RACQ Bank. To access these products you will need to purchase these separately.


Lifestyle provides access to discounts and/or special offers on products and services provided by its Partners. These products and services are provided by Third Party Service Providers, not RACQ. They are subject to the terms and conditions issued by the relevant Third-Party Service Provider applicable to the relevant product or service.

Except for any rights that you are entitled to by law, RACQ accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage (whether direct, indirect, special or consequential) that arises from the provision or failure to provide any Partner products or services purchased or associated with a Lifestyle discount or special offer.

Other Important Information

RACQ reserves the right to terminate any Lifestyle product where intentional misuse has been identified.

RACQ may cancel your product where we consider (acting reasonably) that it is necessary or appropriate to do so to protect the health and safety of our staff or contractors or to comply with our workplace health and safety obligations to them.

To the extent permitted by law, RACQs maximum liability is limited to the refund of the Lifestyle fee paid by the member. Insurance coverage cost and risk are entirely your responsibility in all circumstances.

Discount changes and withdrawals

To the extent permitted by law, RACQ or its Partner may amend, limit or withdraw any applicable discounts or special offers and its maximum liability to each member will be the refund of the Lifestyle fee.

Refund entitlements

Except as otherwise stated in these Terms and Conditions, and to the extent permitted by law, any Lifestyle or other fees paid to RACQ are not refundable.


The following definitions are used throughout this brochure and apply to your entitlements:

Partner and Third Party Service Provider:
A third party entity which provides discounted services or special offers to RACQ members.

Roadside Assistance: The suite of products offered by RACQ, including: RACQ Everyday Lite, RACQ Everyday, RACQ Everyday Plus, RACQ Ultra Care, RACQ Ultimate Care, RACQ RV which provide various levels of Service entitlements.

Membership Terms and Conditions

Upon becoming a member of RACQ, the member agrees to be bound by the RACQ Membership Terms and Conditions, Constitution, By-Laws and any relevant product terms and conditions published by RACQ or one of its third party providers may change from time to time. The member will have the rights set out in the Constitution or By-Laws for their membership class.

The member will remain a member of RACQ unless membership is terminated in accordance with the Constitution, or the member ceases to hold an eligible product.

RACQ offers members access to service and product discounts in accordance with their class of membership. Eligible products for membership currently are Roadside Assistance (excluding Fleet Fee for Service), Insurance products (excluding CTP and Travel Insurance), Lifestyle and RACQ Bank products

For more information visit racq.com to view:
(a) Membership Terms and Conditions
(b) RACQ Constitution
(c) RACQ By-Laws

All services are subject to confirmation and validation by RACQ membership records. RACQ must be notified immediately if your membership card is lost or stolen.