More opportunities to fuel up for less: RACQ

Motorists were reaping benefits at the bowser, with cheaper fuel more frequently available in the south east since the introduction of real time petrol price reporting, according to RACQ.

Media Release

The State Government’s two-year transparent petrol pricing trial began last December after strong lobbying from the State’s peak motoring body, in an effort to drive down costs.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said there had been a shift in the way the petrol price cycle works in south east Queensland since the trial began, with more than 35 cheap days per quarter in 2019 (1 January to 30 September), compared to 26 per quarter in 2018. 

“Drivers are now getting good deals, more often. While prices still go from cheap to expensive and then back again as part of the cycle, we’re now seeing longer cheap periods, with a shorter expensive and discounting phase,” Ms Smith said.

“Prices continue to jump by as much as 30 cents per litre during a price hike, but now we’re seeing the cheap phase blow out to as long as 10 days, compared to six or seven days last year. This gives drivers more opportunities to fill up while prices remain low.”

Ms Smith said the Club believed the trial had changed motorists’ habits and fuel companies could no longer hide.

“Motorists are making more informed decisions. Fuel price transparency means motorists can now easily find where the cheapest servos are at any stage of the price cycle,” she said.

“Drivers have never had more fuel pricing information at their fingertips, and we’ve seen more than 78,000 downloads of our RACQ Fair Fuel Finder app, which was launched at the start of the trial.”

Ms Smith said RACQ looked forward to the evaluation of the trial when it finished in December 2020.