In-roads for transparent fuel price reporting

The State’s peak motoring body has welcomed the LNP’s support for real-time fuel data, with the Queensland Opposition pledging to introduce legislation should it win the 2020 Queensland election.

LNP Leader Deb Frecklington said the laws would require all retailers to reveal their pricing, allowing motorists to make informed decisions about when and where they fill the tank.

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“Under our Fight for Fairer Fuel plan we will make retailers publish their prices in real time, and the date and time from which the prices will be applied,” Ms Frecklington said.

“This data will be available to third parties who want to build apps to inform Queensland motorists of the cheapest prices.”

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey has responded to the LNP’s announcement, saying the legislation would be of little use.

“The LNP’s knee jerk pledge to have a state-run website and create a new layer of bureaucratic red tape will do nothing to bring down petrol prices and only duplicate market based services,” Mr Bailey said.

“Queenslanders already have access to a variety of commercially generated, real-time, fuel monitoring services like MotorMouth and Gas Buddy.”

RACQ’s Renee Smith said the motoring body refuted the State Government’s claims sufficient data was already available as only select retailers currently provided price information.

“As not all servos are required to report on the price of fuel, drivers don’t have visibility over where the cheapest retailers are in their area,” Ms Smith said.

“A more transparent system will enable drivers to make decisions about which retailers they should give their business to. Not only will this help motorists to save money but it will force servos selling at a higher price to lower their bowser costs in order to get customers.”

Ms Smith said RACQ would continue to lobby for the introduction of a real-time fuel price system, which was already in place in New South Wales, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

“It’s time we levelled the playing field in the battle between motorists and retailers for a fair price at the bowser,” she said.

“This is a cost-effective way the Government can actual give savings to motorists.

“Fuel is one of the biggest weekly bills for households and we desperately need a realistic solution to rising prices.”