Drivers win with fuel price reporting to stay

Queensland drivers will be given the power over petrol companies after the State Government honoured its election promise and today announced the mandatory fuel price reporting scheme would be made permanent, according to RACQ

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The scheme, which has been trialled over the past two years in Queensland, required all service stations to report their prices to the Government within 30 minutes of a change at the bowser.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael applauded the Government for answering the Club’s calls which guaranteed drivers could continue to have access to free pricing information via apps and websites to make informed decisions about where they filled the tank.

“We fought hard for drivers to have accurate and timely information about when and where to fill up, ensuring they could save the most amount of money,” Dr Michael said. 

“The only chance we have of making the price cycle and local competition work for us as drivers is to buy when fuel is at its cheapest, and where it’s cheapest – that’s what the fuel price data gives us.

“We’ve seen a genuine change in fuel pricing across Queensland due to the trial. In the first year alone, the scheme led to savings of $14 million for SEQ drivers.” 

Dr Michael said petrol prices jumped as much as 40 cents per litre in the hike phase of the cycle in south east Queensland (SEQ). 

“Motorists have to shop smart rather than waiting for the fuel light to come on and filling up at the nearest servo who could be overcharging,” she said. 

“Instead of driving around in search of the best price, we can access accurate information via apps, like RACQ’s Fair Fuel Finder app, that tell us where the best deals are.

“Our app has been downloaded more than 147,000 times since the trial began and 38,000 people use it every month proving drivers are shopping savvy. 

“Prices will always fluctuate depending on oil prices, global factors, and the fuel cycle but this scheme gives us up to date information so we can buy from the fuel companies offering the fairest prices and save money every time we fill the tank.”