RACQ helps Indigenous teens get driver licences

RACQ has teamed up with Former Origin Greats (FOGs) to help Indigenous students secure their licence and drive safely behind the wheel.

The Club’s Head of Community and Education David Contarini announced, over the next two years, RACQ would donate $60,000 a year to FOGs’ ARTIE Academy Drivers Licence Program.

“The program was named after Indigenous Rugby League legend Arthur ‘ARTIE’ Beetson and teaches students to be safe and responsible drivers and ultimately pass their learners test,” Mr Contarini said.

“The program has helped 60 students so far but with our support, another 60 will be able to join in. The sponsorship also means the program will be able to expand to the new ARTIE schools in north and far north Queensland as well as to six extra schools in south east Queensland, which’ll be a game-changer for these communities.”

Mr Contarini said when a young person gained their driver licence, it positively affected not only the students, but also their communities.

“Road safety’s incredibly important to us and through this program students have access to five free driving lessons, a pre-test lesson, car hire for the test, as well as workshops, all of which will make them safer and more competent drivers,” he said.

“The program also includes a free licence test and application, which removes that cost barrier to students who may not have been able to afford to get their licence otherwise.”

FOGs Executive Chairman Gene Miles said FOGs valued the support and partnership with RACQ which would allow the ARTIE Academy to expand the program across more schools throughout the State.

“For many students, a driver licence isn’t only about being able to drive, it also gives them a form of identification, independence and opens up a world of employment opportunities,” Mr Miles said.

“Through RACQ’s sponsorship, we’ll be able to help more of our young people get off to the best and safest start possible into young adulthood and driving on the roads.”