20 thousand lawbreakers go to bottom of the class

As students returned to Queensland classrooms, RACQ revealed tens of thousands of reckless drivers had been caught risking children’s lives by speeding through school zones.

Media Release

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said Department of Transport and Main Roads data revealed more than 19,826 drivers were caught breaking the law in the reduced speed zones between 1 January – 31 December 2018.  

“What we find incomprehensible is these drivers don’t seem to care they’re putting our most vulnerable in danger,” Ms Ritchie said. 

“What’s even more shocking is 1775 drivers were caught going more than 20km/h over the 40km/hr speed limit. Any collision with a student, parent or teacher at that speed would be catastrophic.”

Ms Ritchie said motorists needed to remember the reduced speed limits were during weekdays from 7-9am and 2-4pm, unless otherwise signed from today. 

“Ignorance of a school zone is no excuse. Speeding will not only earn you a fine and demerit points, but it can have deadly consequences,” she said. 

Ms Ritchie encouraged parents to keep safety top of mind when dropping off or picking up children in school zones. 

“Safety has to be the number one priority, so that means no illegal parking, dangerous U-turns, or blocking driveways and no-parking zones,” she said.

“We encourage parents to use the ‘safety door’, only letting children out on the side closest to the curb to avoid having to navigate traffic when trying to open the door.”