Let's go beyond the CEO sleepout: RACQ

As RACQ’s leadership team prepared to camp in the cold for Thursday night’s CEO Sleepout, they’ve urged Queenslanders to join them and dig deep for those less fortunate.

Media release


RACQ Bank CEO Michelle Bagnall, Insurance CEO John Myler and Assistance CEO Glenn Toms would join other Queensland executives to sleep rough in recognition of the 22,000 Queenslanders who did it every night and frontline organisations, like Vinnies, who helped them.

Ms Bagnall said with homelessness on the rise in Queensland, it was a cause the Club would continue to support, and one close to her heart.

“While I was lucky enough to always have a roof over my head, growing up my family did it pretty tough and I’m always grateful for the support of organisations like Vinnies which regularly clothed me and my siblings,” Ms Bagnall said.

“I believe we learn our greatest lessons when we’re outside our comfort zones and sleeping outdoors in the cold tonight will give me a deeper understanding and compassion for those doing it really tough.

“It’s also been fantastic to see how many people are getting behind this cause – at RACQ, our aim is to raise $30,000 and if we can get there, that’ll go some way to providing some practical support for people living on the streets.”

Insurance CEO John Myler said Vinnies had helped him see how easy it was for people to fall out of the system and how hard it was to get back in.

“The Sleepout gives me time to think about how we can all take our safety and security for granted and gives me clarity around what I can do better in my line of work to help vulnerable people and communities,” Mr Myler said.

CEO Assistance Glenn Toms said he often thinks about what homeless people endure day and night and what the triggers were for their current circumstances.

“I might not know how to fix this problem, but I can play a small part in helping those on the front line who do know what to do,” Mr Toms said.