Think before you walk this Christmas: RACQ

23 November 2018 With Christmas party season in full swing, the State’s peak motoring body has urged pedestrians to take extra care around roads when under the influence of alcohol.

RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said the warning was prompted by data which revealed there had been 28 pedestrian deaths across Queensland so far this year.

“The silly season often means Christmas parties and catching up with friends, family and workmates over a few drinks. It’s a fun time of the year which can easily end in tragedy if people aren’t careful,” Ms Hunter said.

“Walking home after having a few beers or glasses of wine might seem harmless, but with alcohol affecting your judgement your journey may be more risky than you think.

“Being intoxicated can affect your reaction time and result in poor decision-making or risky behaviour. That’s why it’s so important to have a plan before you go out. If you plan to walk home stick to the footpaths, cross at designated crossings and if you can, walk with a sober friend.”

Ms Hunter said pedestrians were some of our most vulnerable road users and if struck by a car would likely suffer extensive injuries or worse.

“As well as the 28 deaths, more than 160 pedestrians have been hospitalised this year,” she said.

“Pedestrians are often distracted by texting, talking on the phone and listening to music so it’s vital they look before stepping onto the road.”

Ms Hunter said all road users needed to take responsibility for their safety.

“Tragically, 218 people have died on the State’s roads so far this year. That’s 218 families who’ll be missing a loved one this Christmas,” she said.

“It’s important all road users, including pedestrians, take extra care and obey the road rules to ensure everyone makes it home safely.”