South east to enjoy fuel below $1 per litre again

Bowser prices in the south east will once again dip below 100 cents per litre (cpl), however RACQ warned unleaded petrol (ULP) would not drop as low as it did a few weeks ago.

The average price of ULP in Brisbane was 104.7cpl, similar on the Gold Coast with 103.2cpl.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie it was unlikely prices would go below 90cpl as was experienced in the last cheap phase of the cycle.

“While prices won’t fall as low during this cycle due to a higher global oil price, there will still be plenty of unleaded petrol for below 100cpl,” Ms Ritchie said.

“Some fuel companies on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane’s south-western suburbs have already dropped prices below 100cpl and in the next few days we hope to see more retailers do the same.

“This is great news for motorists because this time around more of us will be able to take advantage of the cheap fuel, as travel restrictions are being lifted and we’re able to drive further and more frequently to school and work.

“If you’re filling up today in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, aim for 102cpl or less. If you’re in Ipswich, aim for 103cpl or less.

“We did see the average ULP price dip below 100cpl briefly in 2008 and 2016, but we haven’t seen prices consistently this low since 2005.”

Ms Ritchie said Sunshine Coast motorists should delay filling up the tank for a few more days, as prices would fall further and had not reached the cheap phase yet.

“We expect the Sunshine Coast to enter the cheap phase late this week of early next week, so hold off filling the tank a little longer if you can,” she said.

“No matter where you are in the south east, make sure you’re using apps like the RACQ Fair Fuel Finder to help you fill up for the best price possible.

“Filling up for the cheapest price can save you hundreds of dollars every year, it also helps drive competition in your area.”