How pollies fared on RACQ's scorecard

Are you preparing to head to the ballot box but still don’t know what your local candidates stand for when it comes to roads, infrastructure and mobility? RACQ has done the hard work for you.

RACQ's Election Scorecard 

Voters have been urged to check out RACQ’s online scorecard to determine which political parties have supported the Club’s transport priorities which aim to give Queenslanders access to safe, affordable and sustainable mobility. 

RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said while there were still project funding gaps the Club welcomed more than $3 billion in funding for Queensland roads and infrastructure already pledged by both major parties.

“We’re pleased both the major parties have committed working with the Federal Government and funding upgrades to the Bruce Highway and the Pacific Motorway, for example but there are still commitments missing from both sides for the projects we believe will keep Queensland moving,” Mr Turner said.

“We’ve used a green tick and red cross to highlight which political parties are supporting vital transport and safety projects in your electorate.  

“We’re also going further and making sure if a party has only partially committed to one of our priorities, you’ll have all the details so you can make an informed vote.”

Mr Turner said with the country in recession due to the pandemic, it was important to see investment infrastructure to protect the State from economic hardship.   

“We’re calling for candidates who want to commit to works which will stimulate our economy, create jobs, improve regional productivity and ultimately our make roads safer,” he said.

“Queenslanders need to make sure they’re really thinking about where their political vote goes and whether their candidate is willing to commit to improve Queenslanders’ lives and mobility options.”

You can track your candidate’s commitments here.