BMX Club back on track after Cyclone Debbie

The Proserpine BMX Club has received a funding boost from RACQ Foundation after Cyclone Debbie all but destroyed the facility earlier this year.

Proserpine BMX Club Secretary Joanne Linneweber said the track was flooded during the storm and the Club had to close for several months due to damage.

“We had approximately one foot of water spread across the track, taking all of the topsoil and destroying the berms,” Ms Linneweber said.

“The water came through the canteen and then under our start hill where all our equipment is stored. Our lighting poles were also damaged beyond repair.”


RACQ Foundation gave $35,000 in funding to Proserpine BMX Club to replace the start hill and to bitumen the berms. Berms are raised areas of dirt used to ease turning at bends.

“Our berms are currently formed by dirt and each time it rains we have to cancel racing until someone has time to repair the ruts and deem the track rideable. By bitumening [sic] the berms, we are future proofing the Club,” Ms Linneweber said.

“We are very grateful for the RACQ Foundation grant. We were starting to lose kids due to four months of no racing thanks to Cyclone Debbie and then more rain. The Club is hoping to get back on its feet fully, early in the new year.”

RACQ Foundation was set up in 2011 to help community organisations recover from natural disasters. More than $7.4 million has been funded to Queensland community groups. Applications are currently open.