Road toll on track to miss target

The State’s peak motoring body has ramped up its efforts to advocate for greater investment in road safety after a new report revealed Australia’s road toll continued to increase.

It comes as the Australian Automobile Association (AAA), of which RACQ is a member, released its latest Benchmarking Report which found road fatalities across the country had increased by 19 percent from the December 2018 quarter to the March 2019 quarter.

RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said the trend meant the targets, set as part of the National Road Safety Strategy, would not be met by 2020 unless there was urgent intervention from governments.

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“We need all leaders and levels of government to work together and establish a dedicated road safety fund and national road safety entity to deliver a mass action program of low-cost high-benefit safety treatments,” Mr Turner said.

“Serious crashes have devastating flow-on effects for families and communities so we want to make sure everyone is safe on the road – and we need our leaders to step up and do so too.”

As the Federal Election loomed, Mr Turner urged Queenslanders to join the Club’s movement and lobby their local leaders on the issues that mattered most to them.

“We’ve joined forces with the AAA to launch the ‘My Money, My Transport’ campaign and give everyone a chance to have their say on where and how their taxes should be spent,” he said.

“With the click of a button, you can voice your opinion on issues like road safety and be heard by the people who you vote for to represent you and your community.”

Queenslanders could participate in the ‘My Money, My Transport’ campaign on RACQ’s website.