RACQ welcomes changes to help keep pedestrians alive

The State’s peak motoring body has thrown its support behind a number of new initiatives, announced today, which would improve pedestrian safety in Brisbane’s CBD.

Brisbane City Council revealed it would reduce the speed limit to 40km/h on Ann Street and put in place two new scramble crossings at major CBD intersections in a bid to curb the number of pedestrian injuries and fatalities.

RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said the Club welcomed the initiatives which would reduce the risk of vulnerable road users coming into contact with vehicles.

“Our focus has to be on safety and while speed limit reductions are a good start, it won’t be the silver bullet to protecting pedestrians,” Mr Turner said.

“We’re pleased to see Council introduce two new scramble crossings and a new signalised crossing in the CBD – these will reduce the interactions between cars and pedestrians in the first place.”

Council would introduce the new scramble crossings at the intersections of Albert and Charlotte streets and Albert and Mary streets. A mid-block crossing with traffic lights would also be added on Adelaide Street between Albert and Edward Streets.

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Mr Turner said while Council’s efforts were commendable – pedestrians had to take greater care when moving around the city in order to stay safe.

“Council’s report found distraction and impatience were the leading cause of crashes on several intersections, so pedestrians have to take some responsibility for their own safety when crossing the road,” he said.

“Get off your phone, look up and concentrate on what you’re doing, because we know, in a collision between a car and the pedestrian, the pedestrian is always going to come off second best.”

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said the speed limit and crossing changes resulted from the Brisbane City Council’s Pedestrian Safety Review which examined recent crash data and community feedback.

“Brisbane is a walkable city for both residents and visitors, but it is now evident from the number of recent pedestrian-related road incidents that more can be done to improve safety for pedestrians in both the CBD and suburbs,” Cr Quirk said.