Schoolies to get real on money

As they prepared for their final days at high school, RACQ has today given Brisbane Year 12 students at Balmoral State High School advice on how they can manage their money and be financially independent when they leave the nest.

Research from RACQ’s Cash IQ financial education program found 67 percent of Queensland high school students said they found having money was one of the main ingredients for happiness. 

Head of Community Education David Contarini said the program was important, particularly as teens faced tough decisions and the ‘fear of missing out’ (FOMO).

“We’ve asked more than 10,000 secondary students at schools across Queensland about their spending and saving habits and what we hear is alarming,” Mr Contarini said.

“Teens have never been more at risk of making poor money choices because, having a phone, means it’s so much easier to spend. You can buy clothes, games, or sign up for a streaming service with the tap of the screen.

“Our program is all about helping them see the value in setting long term financial goals and giving them simple actionable strategies to get the best start in life."

RACQ's education team continued to deliver a number of award winning safety and education programs including Docudrama, Streets Ahead, Streets Above, Kids and Cars and DriverIQ.