RACQ sending support to flooded Townsville

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said 10 vehicles were on their way to bolster the existing RACQ services in the city.

“We’re sending our Mobile Member Centre (MMC), four roadside patrol vehicles, four tow trucks and another support vehicle on the road travelling to a staging point in Mackay,” Ms Ross said.

“As soon as road conditions permit, the convoy will move into Townsville and provide vital support.”

Ms Ross said both RACQ service branches had closed due to flooding and the arrival of the MMC would serve as the flagship point of contact for members in need.

“The fully self-contained MMC is effectively a ‘branch on wheels’ and we’ll park it in a convenient location so people can come and see us when they’re ready to kick-start their insurance claim,” she said.

“Many residents can’t get to their properties due to flood waters, while others are affected by lack of access to essential services.

“Having the MMC in town allows our local members access to a dry place for a cuppa, or a spot to charge their phones but they can also lodge a claim in person and seek advice on how to move forward after this disaster.”