Queensland set for a scorching end to the week: RACQ

After a horror weekend of storms across the south east corner, Queenslanders were set to be hit by a heatwave, storms and potential bushfires.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said Queenslanders needed to again prepare for storms, but the Bureau of Meteorology had also warned high temperatures and gusty winds had driven up the fire danger ratings across much of the State.

“We’ve received more than 4,500 claims for last weekend’s storms and we’re only in the first official week of severe weather season. BOM is now warning of a high fire danger this weekend – we all need to get ready,” Ms Ross said.

“It’s been a really dry winter, so although we’ve had rain recently in parts, we’re really concerned these high temperatures and strong winds could lead to some serious bushfires across the State.

“Unfortunately, we’ve seen many people don’t prepare for these kinds of events. Whether it’s trimming branches and clearing gutters or just making sure you have an emergency evacuation plan and kit ready, it’s really important you have a plan for disaster season.”

Ms Ross said with temperatures expected to reach 42 degrees in parts of the State, this should also be a reminder to parents about the risks of accidental car lock ins.

“Our RACQ Roadside Assistance Patrols rescue, on average, three children from locked cars every day, with many of these from people who’ve handed the keys over as a toy or thought they could quickly dash into a shop,” she said.

“While there is no temperature where it’s safe to leave children in a car, these high temperatures we’ll see over the next few days are a reminder to never treat your keys like a toy and keep a close eye on them at all times.

“It can take just seven minutes for the internal temperature of a car to reach dangerous levels, so please don’t take the risk.”