Play it safe for school parking: RACQ

RACQ has urged parents and caregivers to stick to the rules when it came to parking around schools after it was revealed more than 500 fines were handed out across Brisbane.

The Courier Mail reported Brisbane City Council received almost 1100 complaints about illegal and dangerous parking around schools in semester two of 2019.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said the Club while school pick-up and drop-off was often a busy time, it was no excuse for anyone to break the rules.

“It can be frustrating trying to find a parking space around schools, but we’re urging parents to stop and think about where they’re parking and ensure they’re doing it safely,” she said.

“When you park illegally, you’re putting the safety of yourself, your children and others at risk.

“Those doing the morning and afternoon school runs need to observe the lines on the ground and the signs in place and ensure they’re parking accordingly.

“A little extra patience and time can help get everyone to school safely and avoid a parking fine.”

Ahead of the 2020 school year, Ms Ritchie also reminded parents and carers to teach children about the importance of entering and exiting vehicles using the ‘safety door’.

“The ‘safety door’ is the door closest to the kerbside and will avoid children stepping out onto the roadside where traffic could be passing by,” she said.

“It’s the safest option for children not just at school, but all the time.”