Intersection quiz stumps drivers

An intersection quiz posted on RACQ’s Facebook page has sparked fiery online debate.

The quiz depicted an intersection with a blue and orange car both turning into different lanes on the multi-lane road and stated: True or false – The orange and blue vehicles must turn into the indicated lanes.

The post attracted more than 400 comments and many users took a shot and answered the quiz.

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One user said “True. Always turn into the nearest lane, then make your manoeuvre into the lane you require when safe to do so.”

“I am actually interested in the answer to this. I believe it’s possibly true but when I was taught to drive 20 years ago I was told to turn into the lane I needed to be in,” said another.

One user suggested drivers should “close (their) eyes and hope for the best, we are in Queensland after all.”

RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said motorists should approach the intersection as they should all driving – with their full attention.

“Definitely don’t close your eyes, but this intersection can be a tricky one,” Ms Hunter said.

“The answer is actually false. The turning vehicles can enter the left and right lane of the multi-lane road, although we generally recommend drivers enter the closest lane and then change lanes further along the road if necessary.

“Also remember that the orange vehicle, which is turning right, must give way to the blue vehicle if they meet at the intersection.”

Ms Hunter said many Facebook users commented the rules were different now compared with when they learned how to drive.

“This is why we say to all drivers – no matter how long you you’ve been behind the wheel, you should regularly brush up on your road rules,” she said.

“Joining our online community and participating our quizzes is a good start because we should never stop perfecting our driving skills.”