Dodgy car crash calls now a crime: RACQ

RACQ has applauded a decision to make it illegal for claim farmers who cold called unsuspecting Queenslanders, prompting dodgy Comprehensive Third Party (CTP) insurance claims.

The Motor Accident Insurance and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2019 officially came into play on 5 December, so from now, if you get harassed on the phone, online or in person, it’s an offence that will be prosecuted.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said it would also be considered an offence to give or receive payment for these claim referrals, which would impact those dodgy law firms who rely on this referral service for new injured clients.

“More than 1.5 million Queenslanders have been targeted by claim farmers and received calls to solicit information from us,” Ms Smith said.

“It can be confronting to get one of these calls and while this legislation is a good start and long overdue, we don’t think it goes far enough. 

“Claim farmers enlist clever tactics and it won’t take long for them to find a way to work around the legalities. We’re already seeing it with robocalls, where the person called is required to make a choice to proceed with the call or not by pushing a number on their phone.

“This could be seen as agreeing to the call, so we urge people who receive a recorded voice message to hang up fast and report the call to the Motor Accident Insurance Commission.” 

Ms Smith said the State Government would need to remain vigilant to ensure the new rules were enforced and should not for a second think this will solve the problem for good.

For further information about the new rules and to understand what a claim farmer is, visit MAIC.

For more information about RACQ’s Rethink CTP education initiative visit