Sunny Coast: SEQ’s most expensive fuel

The Sunshine Coast has again taken out the unwanted crown for the most expensive fuel in south east Queensland, according to figures released today by RACQ.

The Club’s March fuel report has found motorists in the region paid on average 132.8 cents per litre (cpl) for unleaded petrol (ULP) last month, 2.8cpl more than nearby Brisbane.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said there was no good reason for prices to be so much higher than other parts of the south east.

“Prices seem to be higher due to a lack of competition amongst service stations, and that’s frustrating for motorists,” Ms Smith said.

“There is no justifiable reason for the higher prices, and we urge motorists to ensure they’re voting with their wallets.

“Never assume all service stations are charging the same and support cheaper retailers. Send a message to those who are overcharging that they’ll need to drop their prices if they’re to get your business.

“Only by shopping around and buying from the cheapest retailers will the Sunshine Coast price fall in line with other SEQ centres.”

Ms Smith said the report found Sunshine Coast service stations also had the highest retail margin of any area across the south east.

“The Sunshine Coast retail margin of 14cpl is simply unreasonable,” she said.

Motorists can find the cheapest sites on the Sunshine Coast on RACQ’s Fair Fuel website and the March fuel report is available on the RACQ website.

ULP averages in south east Queensland in March:
Sunshine Coast 132.8cpl
Brisbane 130cpl
Ipswich 126.4cpl
Gold Coast 128.7cpl