Calls to ease northern beaches congestion

There are calls for the National Highway in far north Queensland to be extended to Ellis Beach to help ease congestion around the northern beaches.

Speaking to The Cairns Post, Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Anthony Albanese said extending the National Highway as a minimum “to the airport” should be immediately considered by the Federal Government.

“You can give consideration to it going right up to Ellis Beach, so the area of those northern beaches, which are used by tourists could benefit from that national support,” Minister Albanese said.

“Past there, in terms of the road to Port Douglas it’s difficult to expand that further due to the nature of the geography.”

Earlier this year, plans were finalised to connect the Captain Cook Highway and Bruce Highway between Smithfield and Portsmith to become a National Highway.

The National Highway currently stops at the Port of Cairns.

RACQ’s Lauren Ritchie said the northern beaches was a known congestion hotspot.

“We’re aware traffic can be challenging for residents and tourists around the northern beaches and it is pleasing to hear of proposals to improve traffic flow,” Ms Ritchie said.

“Extending the National Highway is an interesting solution and we look forward to seeing the business case for the proposed upgrades.”