Councils bid to curb illegal parkers

The number of drivers issued parking fines in Brisbane has increased by 40 percent in 18 months as Council cracked down on motorists doing the wrong thing.

The Courier Mail reported Brisbane drivers were fined for illegally parking every two minutes, in an unprecedented Brisbane City Council clampdown which saw 278,000 infringements issued in the 2016/17 financial year.

The infringement crackdown resulted in Council taking more than $30 million in revenue, $7.5 million more than the previous year when 201,215 fines were issued.

Outside of Brisbane CBD, the inner southern area of Woolloongabba recieved the most fines with 12,228 issued, followed by West End with 9,937 and Newstead with 9,844.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said drivers needed to ensure they remained informed on areas where parking was restricted.

“While it’s frustrating to get a parking ticket, Council’s crackdown on illegal parking is about ensuring all road users and community members can safely park and access the roads and areas they need to,” Dr Michael said.

“Whenever you go to park, make sure you’re looking for visible signage which will direct you to any restrictions.”

Brisbane City Council Infrastructure Chairwoman Amanda Cooper said motorists who illegally parked in clearway zones caused congestion on the roads and could shut down lanes of traffic at peak times.

In the last financial year, 10,369 of all parking fines issued were for clearway infringements with more than 2,200 people fined for illegally parking in school zones.