Flexible working hours would reduce congestion: RACQ

The State’s peak motoring body has urged south east Queensland businesses to consider supporting flexible working hours for staff after new research revealed Brisbane drivers believed this would help ease gridlock.

The Courier Mail reported a national survey by Here Technologies found one in four Brisbane commuters wanted more flexible working hours to avoid congestion.

The research also found two-thirds of Brisbane residents had reassessed how they commuted after becoming fed up by traffic delays.

RACQ spokesperson Rebecca Michael said flexible working hours would have a positive impact on peak-hour delays.

“Workers don’t need to be in an office to be productive. Technology provides an effective virtual office at home,” Dr Michael said.

“Allowing employees flexibility on start times and location of work is a great way to reduce congestion and will help us reduce the peak-hour traffic we’re experiencing in Brisbane.

“It’ll spread the traffic load and allow Queenslanders to spend their time in the right places, at home with family, not stuck in gridlock.”

Survey findings also revealed many Brisbane car owners remained totally dependent on their vehicles, but attitudes were slowly changing, with almost 60 percent considering cycling, public transport or walking to help ease congestion.

“While it’s great to see people and businesses reconsidering where we work and how we get there, it’s important State Government also comes to the party with the right amount of infrastructure funding and transport planning to reduce congestion,” Dr Michael said.

In analysing travel routes into Brisbane CBD, the survey found while driving was generally fastest, cycling and public transport were faster in some cases.