Roundabouts still stumping drivers

Courier Mail reported giving way to your right was often drilled into learner drivers, but the actual rule stated drivers must slow or stop to give way to any vehicles already on the roundabout.

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RACQ research has previously found more than 60 percent of Brisbane motorists had failed to pass the roundabout test.

RACQ’s Joel Tucker said while drivers needed to ensure they refreshed themselves on the rules around roundabouts, it was most important drivers approaching a roundabout used common sense and courtesy.

“While roundabouts seem to cause confusion, it’s really an exercise in judgement and deciding whether you need to give way to a vehicle on the roundabout, or if it’s safe for you to enter,” Mr Tucker said.

“Whoever is in the roundabout first, needs to go first so our advice is if you’re approaching a roundabout, slow down and make a decision about whether you have time to safely enter without getting in the way of the oncoming driver. And, if you’re already on the roundabout and can slow down and let an approaching motorist in, then be courteous and do that.

“As long as you apply the road rule and use courtesy and common sense, you can’t go too far wrong.”

Queensland drivers who failed to correctly give way on a roundabout could be fined $378 and three demerit points.