Transport solution needed to meet late night demand

RACQ has called for gap in the Gold Coast Light Rail timetable to be bridged to help get late night commuters home safely and more efficiently.

Gold Coast Bulletin reported there was a push to boost services between the Gold Coast University Hospital Station and Helensvale from 11pm each night, after hospital staff and students attempting to access Parkwood Station to collect their vehicles were being left stranded.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael explained the light rail line was best suited to run during periods of high demand, and there may be a more efficient solution for late night travellers.

“This precinct is active on a 24 hour basis due to students, patients and hospital staff coming and going around the clock,” Dr Michael said. 

“There’s a smaller number of people who need late night transport for short distances to access their vehicles and this warrants an efficient and cost-effective solution. 

“Transport, which is responsive to demand like a shuttle bus, could be run by the Government in partnership with the university and hospital. This may be a more appropriate and feasible solution than running a mostly empty tram.”

Dr Michael encouraged all impacted organisations to work together and conduct consultation to find the best solution.

“By speaking with their communities, these institutions will be able to identify the potential demand and determine the most appropriate transport service to meet it.”