Lodge claims so we can help: RACQ

“This weather event has hit far and wide and many Queenslanders are suffering as a result,” RACQ General Manager Insurance Product & Pricing Luke Saxby said.

“The most important thing is for our members to check their homes are safe to return to,” Mr Saxby said.

“Do not turn on any appliances that have been wet and keep your home well ventilated to help it dry.

“It’s vital wet materials like carpets and rugs are removed before they become a health hazard. Please try to photograph these and any other items before they are thrown away.”

RACQ said thousands of claims had already been submitted and extra staff were on hand to receive these and answer questions members might have.

“As soon as you can call us on 13 7202 or head online to racq.com, the sooner we can start the process of getting you back on your feet.”