Electric bike laws overhauled

The State’s peak motoring body has urged power-assisted bike riders and company operators to learn the road rules, or risk injuries following a spate of speed-related incidents on the Gold Coast.

Brisbane Times reported the State Government had updated laws after police reported moped-like hybrid vehicles had been travelling at high speeds at tourist hotspots and footpaths on the Gold Coast.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said it was important those using power-assisted bicycles were aware of their obligations before getting behind the handle bars.

“Having non-compliant bikes travelling too fast puts everyone else on the footpath at risk so we welcome the State Government’s move to clarify the laws. Now it’s up to the companies hiring these vehicles out to know what is legal and what is not and ensure their patrons are behaving appropriately,” Ms Ritchie said.

“Bicycles must use pedals as their primary power source under the Queensland laws, with electric motors only meant to assist start-up and then cut out at 25km/h. Anything more powerful than a power-assisted bicycle, must meet Australian Design Rules and be registered for road use.”

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Ms Ritchie encouraged hire-companies to familiarise themselves with the updated laws and urged riders to remain considerate when using the bikes.

“It’s crucial that riders, especially in high traffic pedestrian areas, take responsibility for themselves and those they interact with on the footpaths and bike paths. Like any form of transport, it comes down to safe and sensible behaviour.”