Comm Games: how you will get around

The Commonwealth Games has released its plans to keep people moving next year.

Ahead of the 2018 Gold Coast event, it has been revealed trams will run every six minutes, there would be special zones for Uber and portable bike sheds.

The organising committee has announced special funding has been put aside to encourage people to cycle to venues, instead of opting for more traditional forms of transport.

Commonwealth Games Head of Transport Barry Gyte told the Gold Coast Bulletin there would still be shuttles to venues and people would be encouraged to stay close to the events they attended.

“We’re doing a lot of work with Uber and other rideshare providers, which have very successfully done things around Brisbane venues where they geo-fence the area around the venue so you can’t book while you’re in the venue,” Mr Gyte said.

“Ride sharers appreciate that we’ve got lots of constraints around venues so we’re working with them to set load zones aside so that we can give them staging areas so that once you’re out of a venue, it’ll direct you to the load zones.”