The simple mistake that could cost you

The State’s peak motoring body has warned drivers a simple mistake could result in a big fine for those who allowed L and P platers use their vehicle.

The warning came, after Victorian Police revealed through a Facebook quiz fully licensed drivers could be fined for failing to remove L or P plates from their vehicles.

RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said like Victoria, Queensland open licence drivers could also be fined $104 for wrongly displaying L or P plates.

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“If you’re supervising a learner driver or have let someone on their provisional licence borrow your car, it’s important to remember to take those plates back off before you jump behind the wheel,” Ms Hunter said.

“L and P platers also need to ensure their plates are clearly legible on the front and rear of the car, or they could risk a $208 fine and two demerit points.”

Ms Hunter reminded parents they could access a free driving lesson through the Keys2Drive program which would help iron out any queries.

“This program gives learner drivers a free driving lesson with a qualified instructor, so learners and their supervisors can be in the car together, learning at the same time.”