Car theft spree prompts warning to Qld drivers

Herald Sun reported thieves had targeted unsecured cars left unaccompanied at Victorian service stations while drivers went to pay for fuel.

RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said motorists who left their car unlocked could be inviting thieves.

“The basic fact is new cars are very hard to break into, so car thieves look for the most vulnerable point – the car keys,” Mr Turner said.

“They’re targeting those areas where they can get their hands on your car keys to steal the vehicle and one of those spots is the service station where drivers tend to leave cars unlocked and unattended.

“Our message is simple – be vigilant with your keys and never leave them unattended.”

Mr Turner said drivers heading to the beach over Summer also needed to be vigilant with car security.

“When we’re at the beach, we often leave our keys sitting on the towel while we go for a swim – we need to re-think this,” Mr Turner said.

“If you’re going for a dip, it’s best to leave your keys with a friend.”

Mr Turner said it was important drivers understood their car insurance cover to avoid being disappointed post-theft.

“If you have comprehensive car insurance you’re covered for car theft as long as you’re not fraudulently involved or haven’t been particularly negligent, like leaving your keys in the ignition while you go into the shops.”

RACQ’s top tips for car security:

  1. Keep your keys on your at all times
  2. Park in well-lit car parks
  3. Don’t leave house or car doors unlocked or windows down
  4. Understand your car insurance cover.