BNE traffic headache: short term pain for long term gain

The State’s peak motoring body has called on drivers to be patient and to be aware of new signage, as upgrades to off-ramps on the Mount Lindesay Highway caused kilometres of gridlock at a major intersection.

The Courier Mail reported there had been hours of congestion on Monday morning when a new Mount Lindesay Highway off-ramp to the Gateway Motorway and the Logan Motorway eastbound opened, and the old off-ramp was closed.

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Commuters were jammed on the Mount Lindesay Highway at the turn into the traffic-plagued Illaweena St, with cars backed up for more than two kilometres to the Logan Motorway during peak hour.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said while the changed configuration had resulted in delays, it was mainly due to drivers missing new directional signage onto the Gateway and Logan motorways.

“The delays we’ve seen in the past few days are frustrating, but if drivers are looking to turn onto the Gateway or Logan motorways, they should be patient, plan ahead and look for new directional exit signs,” Ms Ross said.

“The new northbound exit off the Mount Lindesay Highway is now 250 metres south of where it once was, so keep an eye out for the new earlier exit point so you don’t end up in banked up traffic at Illaweena Street.”

Ms Ross reassured drivers the work, once completed, would result in a quicker and safer journey.

“It’s a case of short-term pain, for long-term gain,” she said.

“This road has been a major choke point for years but the new ramps, when complete, will change that.”

Drivers could visit RACQ’s Road Conditions website for the latest traffic updates, and the Logan Enhancement Project website for specific information on the upgrade.