Play it safe on north Queensland roads

RACQ has warned motorists to continue to take care on the roads after flooding peaked in north Queensland’s Lower Herbert region on Tuesday night.

The Brisbane Times reported, further inland, the river peaked at 10.3 metres earlier in the week at Abergowrie Road which forced the closure of the Abergowrie Bridge.

Club spokesperson Clare Hunter said two roads in Halifax were still closed to all traffic as the water started to recede.

“Halifax Bemerside Road is closed, as is Bemerside Road due to significant flooding in the area,” Ms Hunter said.

“This comes after days of heavy rainfall and flooding around Ingham caused by ex-Tropical Cyclone Imogen.

“Some areas of Halifax will still be cut off today, so we’re urging motorists not to go out driving in the wet conditions.

“Flooded roads are dangerous, as there’s no way of telling what damage has been caused to the surface underneath the water.

“You might be tempted to go out for a sticky beak, but if you don’t need to be out on the roads, the safest place to be is at home.”

Ms Hunter said across the State 102 roads were still closed due to long-term and flash flooding.

“If you’re travelling anywhere in the State today, particularly in north or central Queensland, please check your journey before you leave at RACQ Road Conditions,” she said.

“A quick look could save you having to turn around unexpectedly on your journey, but if you do come across flooded roads – don’t risk driving through.”