RACQ backs calls for tougher enforcement of disability bays

RACQ has supported a proposal to give council parking inspectors power to fine motorists who park illegally in disability parking bays in shopping centers.

The Courier Mail reported the State Government had been urged by a Parliamentary Committee to make Local Government employees ‘authorised persons’ under the road rules, to allow them to impose fines on private property.

RACQ Head of Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said it made sense to bolster the powers of parking inspectors.

“When people park in disability spaces illegally they are taking that space away from someone who actually needs it,” Mr Spalding said.

“If council employees have the ability to hand out fines in shopping centres it would save precious police resources and ensure the rules are actually being enforced.

“Enforcement in this case is critical, we know that people are less likely to do the wrong thing if there’s a chance they’ll be caught.”

RACQ recently gave evidence at a Parliamentary Hearing into disability parking to change the laws to allow people with a vision impairment to have access to permits.

The State Government is yet to release its findings.