Park safely and legally to avoid a fine

RACQ has warned motorists to park safely and legally as school students returned to the classroom for term three in Queensland today.

The Courier Mail reported Brisbane City Council would be starting a parking blitz and targeting bad parking behaviour in Brisbane school zones, after 260 parking fines were issued across semester one.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said the school pick-up and drop-off could be stressful, but it was important for everyone’s safety that motorists parked legally.

“During peak periods, finding a park close to school can be tricky but we need drivers to make safety the priority, the last thing anyone wants to see is a child hurt on their way to school,” Ms Smith said.

“Children are vulnerable pedestrians, which is why we need to stop safely and always make sure we’re slowing down to 40km/hour in school zones.

“It’s also important to respect time limits that are in place to help as many drivers get through as possible.”

Ms Smith said parents and carers should also encourage children to use the ‘safety door’, which was the door closest to the kerbside.

“This is an easy step we can encourage children to take to further protect their safety. It will keep them out of the way of passing traffic,” she said.

“It’s the safest option not just at school, but everywhere children visit in the car.”