LNP backs RACQ’s plan to bridge Brisbane

More Brisbane bridges could become a reality if the LNP is elected, after the Opposition answered RACQ’s calls into reviewing the number of river crossing in the State’s capital.

Courier Mail reported LNP leader Tim Nicholls has pledged $3 million for a study to determine where new river crossings should be built.

The announcement followed RACQ’s July release of its Bridging Brisbane survey results, which showed River City residents supported the construction of new river crossings to improve transport options and reduce congestion.

The Centenary Motorway bridge upgrade rated as the most popular. The West End to St Lucia bridge and the Wilson Triple Jump option, which would run between the City and Hawthorne, rounded out the top three most favoured proposals.

RACQ’s Paul Turner said the motoring body was pleased the LNP had committed to pursuing more bridges for the city.

“It’s good to see bridges have been put back on the table. When we surveyed Brisbane residents earlier this year, they told us we needed new river crossings to help reduce congestion so it’s great the LNP has listened,” Mr Turner said.

“Just sitting in the car or on the bus during peak hour is enough evidence we’ve outgrown our existing transport infrastructure.

“During and after the election campaign, our pollies need to demonstrate they’re serious about finding ways to support our growing transport needs for the future.

“If LNP get into power we will hold them to this promise to ensure the government is building for our future.”