Tequila and tomatoes: how car manufacturers are future-proofing

It’s a question many car manufacturers are asking: how to future-proof? As society moves away from car-owning to car-sharing and looks at ways to improve sustainability, how manufacturers stay relevant is a focus for many global companies.

Ford – the company which first put wheels on the road – is reportedly looking at a number of weird and wonderful concepts after its Australian head acknowledged it couldn’t “just keep adding cars to the road.”

News.com reports the company has already tested several new ideas including making cabling from tomato skins, using the husk of agave plants (the same used to make tequila) to insulate dashboards and padding car doors with recycled denim.

Ford is looking at using husks from Agave plants as part of production

Ford Australia CEO Graeme Whickman said as well as experimenting with environmentally-friendly production, the company was “looking to broaden ourselves beyond our core of cars, trucks, SUVs and emerge in the space of mobility.”

Ideas on the table for the mobility sector include a car with a rechargeable scooter in the boot which allows commuters to park further from the city, and a drone delivery service.

Ford held its ‘Future with Ford’ conference in Melbourne earlier this month.