RACQ car gives north Qld students keys to their future

RACQ has teamed up with Former Origin Greats (FOGs) and donated a car to Indigenous students in north Queensland to help them behind the wheel and one step closer to gaining their driver licence.

The Club has today handed the keys of a Holden Cruze to Ayr State High School (SHS) students which would help build up their 100 hours of driving experience.

RACQ’s Head of Community and Education David Contarini said the Club proudly supported  the FOGs’ ARTIE Academy Drivers Licence Program to help students pass their practical driving test and ensure they became safe and responsible motorists.

“A licence is not only a rite of passage but for many it means freedom, independence, and a world full of employment opportunities,” Mr Contarini said. 

“Unfortunately for many Queensland students there isn’t a safe, reliable car at home or even in their neighbourhood for them to practice in - which is why we wanted to get on board with this program. 

“Not only are we providing a vehicle to learn how to drive in, we’re also covering the insurance, registration and servicing costs.”

Mr Contarini said the Club would also present its award-winning Docudrama program to year 11 students to drive home the importance of road safety.

“The Docudrama program uses a confronting mock crash scene but also presents students with techniques and tools they can use in real life to avoid a dangerous situation,” he said.

“Teaching the next generation about road safety is incredibly important to us, and now Ayr SHS students will have all the tools they need to ensure they’re safe, competent and responsible drivers when they take the wheel.”

RACQ also donated vehicles to Beenleigh State High School and Marsden State High School earlier this year.