TC Owen crosses land, danger now as wild weather sets in

As Tropical Cyclone (TC) Owen crossed land early Saturday morning and weakened to a Category 2 system, RACQ has warned Queenslanders not to be complacent and to stay off the roads with parts of the State set to receive heavy rain.

The Courier Mail reported Kowanyama, a small community on the Cape York Peninsula, which was expected to bear the brunt of the storm, had “dodged a bullet” as the weakened system crossed the coast and had moved south.

RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said residents needed to remain vigilant as the storm system would continue to bring high tides, flash flooding and hundreds of millimetres of rain to parts of Queensland.

“The dangers are still very real, so stay across the latest updates and keep off the roads if you can,” Ms Ross said.

“We’re already seeing major flooding in areas across the State and unfortunately flash flooding can present itself without warning and catch you out, so remember, if it’s flooded, forget it.”

Ms Ross said weather systems like this could be unpredictable, so no one in Queensland could be complacent in coming days.

“With so much water around, our advice is to take advantage of a weekend indoors so stay home with your family and get your favourite board games out.

“If you do need to travel, make sure you check the latest road conditions before leaving home and plan your route.

“Keep your emergency kit handy and make sure you talk to your family about your emergency plan now, in case you need to use it later.”