Dialling drivers don’t think they’ll get caught

Many Queensland drivers are cavalierly risking their lives using mobile phones while driving, according to the latest RACQ research.

A recent survey by the Club showed 75 percent of drivers who used a mobile phone behind the wheel believed they’d get away with it.

RACQ’s Principal Road Safety Advisor Joel Tucker said the data, released by RACQ and The Sunday Mail as part of the ‘Bag a phone not a body’ campaign, showed it was clear many motorists were willing to risk their own lives and the lives of others by texting and driving.

“We have a real social issue here and highlights the key area we have to work in to solve the rising problem of distracted driving,” Mr Tucker said.

“If people don’t think they’ll get caught, it doesn’t matter if we strengthen rules and fines. Even if it was a million dollar fine, if people don’t think they can get caught, they’re not going to obey.”

Mr Tucker said contrastingly motorists surveyed rated texting and driving the second most dangerous driving behaviour behind drink driving.

“People are telling us using a mobile phone while driving is one of the most dangerous things you can do on the roads, but at the same time one in 10 admitted to holding a mobile phone while driving. Taking such a risk makes no sense when you consider how dangerous this behaviour is,” he said.

“We know phones are a huge part of our lives but we need to treat driving with the respect it deserves to make sure we get to our destinations safely. That’s why we’re spreading the Bag a phone, not a body’ message’ throughout this month.”

Motorists caught using their hand-held device while driving risked three demerit points and a $365 fine. If caught twice in 12 months, it is double demerits.