7 tips to making your school holiday road trip a breeze

The September school holidays have officially kicked off but before you head off on your driving holiday, tick these tips off your list!

  1. Make sure lights are working – Before you hit the road, make sure your car’s headlights, indicators, reversing, parking and brake lights are all working. Not only are these vital safety features on your car, making sure they’re working means you’ll avoid a potential fine.
  2. Assess your tyres – Check tyre condition, tread depth and inflation pressure before you depart. You should also check the spare tyre, jack and wheel brace are on board and in good working condition. And if you do get a flat tyre, give RACQ Roadside Assistance a call!
  3. Examine the windscreen – Make sure your windscreen is free of chips and wiper blades are working properly to clean the glass, when required. If you notice chips and scratches on the windscreen, give RACQ Auto Glass a call to have it inspected and provide advice on whether it should be repaired or replaced.
  4. Check the oil and coolant – Make sure your engine oil and coolant are topped up to the appropriate level. This could help you avoid potential engine issues while you’re away.
  5. Service your car – Make sure your car is up to date on servicing. This will ensure your car is in good working order and will help you identify problems before they cause a breakdown.
  6. Plan your journey – Use RACQ’s Road Conditions website to plan your trip. Not only can you find the cheapest locations on your journey to fuel the tank, but you can also locate potential traffic hazards and road closures. Make sure you stop to stretch your legs every two hours – this not only helps you manage driver fatigue, but will also give your passengers a break.
  7. Think of the kids – While children love school holidays, long distance road trips can make for itchy feet! Make sure you have water, snacks and entertainment prepared for the kids so they’re travelling comfortably.

Most importantly, drive safely and respect the Fatal Five so you and your family get home in one piece!