THOR joins family of dummies

RACQ has welcomed an investment in safety testing, with a new, more advanced crash test dummy THOR added to the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP).

Drive reported THOR (Test Human Occupant Restraint) would join the existing family of five safety mannequins of various sizes, who had been used in thousands of simulated crashes in Australia over the past three decades. 

RACQ Head of Technical and Safety Policy Spalding said the new $1.4 million crash test dummy was the most advanced frontal impact dummy in the ANCAP range.

“THOR records a greater amount of injury data and better reflects human crash injuries than the Hybrid III, which is the male dummy currently used in the frontal offset test,” Mr Spalding said.

“Its capability in recording head, neck, and chest injury risk, with up to 99 data channels to record crash impact information, is far greater than existing crash dummies.

“These crash test results help rate new cars brought onto the Australian market and give it a star rating out of five according to the level of safety given to drivers, passengers and even pedestrians in the event of a crash.”

Mr Spalding said this was a significant investment, which would flow on to consumers with better, more accurate testing results.

“ANCAP tests can now capture more realistic injury outcomes from a crash, ensuring test results give greater piece of mind for prospective purchasers when comparing crash test ratings,” he said.

“Always aim for a five-star result when shopping for a new car and choose additional safety features if you can.”