Is the heater even working?

Ever questioned whether your car heater’s air flow might be on the blink?

If you, like many other RACQ members, have had this thought, it would be worth checking on a little-known instrument called a pollen filter, as it may need replacing.

RACQ’s Kirsty Clinton said an increase in calls to the Club’s Motoring Advice hotline had revealed many drivers were unsure what a pollen filter was, what it did, or even if their car had one.

“An increasing number of modern cars have a pollen filters or cabin filters installed, but it’s often a forgotten part of the vehicle,” Ms Clinton said.

“The filter catches pollen and dust which can be helpful for those who suffer from hay-fever or allergies.”

Ms Clinton said cabin filters became clogged over time, so it was worth replacing them yearly, or whenever the manufacturer specified.

“This is usually best done during the annual service, but if you’re feeling as though the hot or cold air isn’t getting through the vents like it used to, it’s worth checking to see if you should replace the filter sooner,” she said.

“Motorists driving regularly in heavy traffic or those who live in a dusty area might find them getting clogged faster and they need to be replaced more often.

“It’s not an expensive item to replace but having an idea about what should be coming up in your next service can remove any nasty surprises, and it will help the air flow through the cabin.