Drivers overcharged for underpoured petrol pumps

RACQ has warned drivers they could be getting less than what they paid for at the petrol pump, after concerning new data revealed one in 20 service stations in Australia under-poured fuel.

The National Measurement Institute (NMI) tested 1,340 fuel pumps at 328 retailer sites across Australia, and 65 were found to deliver less fuel than indicated on the bowser.

RACQ Head of Public Policy Rebecca Michael said it was disappointing drivers were essentially being overcharged, and called on fuel companies to audit their pumps and cease operation of those affected until they were fixed.

“Queenslanders have recently been stung by record high prices across the south east, and this news just adds more fuel to the fire for them,” Dr Michael said.

“Every cent adds up when it comes to filling the tank and we want retailers to do the right thing by their customers and put these pumps out of action until they’re confident they’re working accurately again.”

Dr Michael said the Club encouraged drivers to report suspicious bowsers to the NMI. 

“If something doesn’t seem right, it might not be, so please, speak up so these issues can be resolved,” she said.

“We also encourage the Government to continue to monitor these pumps and call out the fuel retailers who are doing the wrong thing, especially some of those who were found to be repeatedly breaking the rules.

“We already pay a lot of money to fuel companies and we need to make sure we’re all getting exactly what we’re paying for.”