Men lucky to be alive after ute rolls in Darling Downs

Three Queensland men had the RACQ LifeFlight crew to thank as their four-wheel drive ute hit uneven ground before rolling about 25 metres down an embankment.

The Toowoomba based LifeFlight could only get within 5km of the single vehicle crash and had to rely on night vision goggles to guide them to the property, 90km north of Chinchilla.

The men were trapped and RACQ LifeFlight, along with Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS), spent more than four hours freeing and stabilising the victims before transferring them back to the helicopter.

RACQ’s Lauren Ritchie said the men were incredibly lucky to survive, considering the two passengers had been sitting in the ute’s tray.

“We see it all the time, people unnecessarily risking their lives by travelling in an unsafe manner by being unsecured in the back of a vehicle,” Ms Ritchie said.

“Especially under the cover of darkness, you never know what can be lurking, so it’s incredibly important that people are safe at all times.

“A seat belt is a driver’s best friend and it’s there to protect motorists so we urge anyone who’s in a vehicle to buckle up and be safe. It may well save your life.

“These gentlemen were just lucky that RACQ LifeFlight and QAS were on hand to perform a successful rescue and prevent any further injuries.”

The driver was eventually transported by ambulance to Chinchilla Hospital and the two passengers, both brothers, were airlifted to Toowoomba Hospital. All three men were taken to hospital in stable conditions.